CGR blog manager Dennis de Widt hands over duties to successor Jaume Martorell Cruz

Mr. Dennis de Widt, developer and Managing Editor of the CGR blog since the start of the blog in May 2012, has passed over his duties to colleague Mr. Jaume Martorell Cruz. A PhD candidate within CGR, Mr. Martorell Cruz will be the leading Managing Editor of the blog from June 2014 onwards.
Mr. Martorell Cruz looks forward to contributions to the blog on any issue relating to the research topics of CGR. Please email him at with an outline of the piece you would like to submit, or with a draft.
On behalf of CGR, Prof. Brigitte Granville and Dr. Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay would like to thank Dennis for his excellent work on running the blog for the past few years and wish him good luck in the final stage of his PhD research.

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