Professor Brigitte Granville participates at the symposium “Is innovation evolutionary? Understanding the Processes Underlying Innovation” held at the House of Lords.

The Gruter Institute for Law and Behavioural research and the Rt. Hon Matt Ridley, member of the House of Lords, organise a symposium inquiring on the processes that underpin innovation. The symposium will take place tomorrow and Wednesday 9th of July, at the House of Lords.  Mirrored on the organisation of the Gruter Institute – a research community that fosters collaboration across disciplines to advance our understanding of the interplay between law, institutions and human behaviour- it is an interdisciplinary discussion that will examine innovation’ mechanisms not only across humans but across other species.  By trying to ascertain the degree to which innovation arises from individual inspiration, central command, or collaborative behaviour through trial and error, the symposium seeks to improve our understanding of innovation processes and how legal regimes, economic policies and business organisations can foster it. 

Professor Brigitte Granvilleparticipates in the roundtable on “Innovation in Economic Policy” alongside Linda Whetstone, Chairman of Network for a Free Society, Tim Harford, author and  Financial Times’ journalist, and Dr. Emily Skarbeck, Lecturer on Political Economy at King’s College London.

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