Possibilities for Business Modelling

Jorge Louzada Marques, one of our CGR Research Associates, has a background in marketing and product development at a large international company. In 2011 he decided to start researching on business strategy and is currently working on a dissertation on business modeling as a PhD student at Queen Mary University of London, School of Business and Management.

He was interviewed at the Business Model BUZZ – a well reputed international workshop on the latest methods on Business modelling – on the possibilities of the Idea Game, a business modelling technique developed by Realize, consultants specialized on innovation through creative tools and methods.

“The Business Model Canvas has become a widely used tool in business modelling. Do we really need other tools?

The canvas is a great tool because it makes it easy to analyze business models. The canvas is also important in the sense that it is a common language for business modelling. But when you’re developing truly new models and your ambition is to come up with radically different ideas it’s not necessarily enough. That’s why we need tools to boost the disruptive and creative sides of the process. Let’s say that the canvas is a type of game board and you have to use a post-it to put down, to write your ideas and link them with the business model building blocks. It is a process that is centered on rationality.”

Read the full interview here.

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