Third conference on the Euro, markets, and democracy. "Irreversible? Historical experiences in dismantling monetary unions"

This past 8th and 9thof November, CGR’s global partner’ A/Simmetrie, the Italian association for the study of economic asymmetries, celebrated the third conference on the Euro, Markets, and Democracy; organized in collaboration with the Department of Economics, Gabriele d’Annunzio University.  

Under the title “Euro, market, democracy 2014: Can Italy do it?” the conference hosted a series of panel discussions on how resume growth on euro-zone periphery, the relationship between democracy and economic sovereignty, and historical experiences on the dismantlement of monetary unions. 

Professor Brigitte Granville, CGR director, participated in the roundtable “Irreversible? Historical Experiences in dismantling monetary unions”, which you can stream here: 

You can find a full streaming of the conference in the link below:

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