CGR-CCP Workshop: Valuing Intangibles: Ranking Brands, Measuring Trade Mark Use

The next  Tuesday November 25th Queen Mary Centre for Globalisation Research and the University of East Anglia Centre for Competition Policy organise a workshop on Valuing Intangibles: Ranking Brands, Measuring Trade Mark use, as a part of the ESCR Google Data analytics Social Science Research Project. Below you can find the original workshop poster, details of time and place, and a brief abstract outlining the aimgs of the project.
Valuing Intangibles: Ranking Brands, Measuring Trade Mark Use
An ESRC Google Data Analytics Social Science Research Project 
at the School of Business and Management, Queen Mary University of London.
 Centre for Commercial Law Studies at 67-69 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3JB

The aim of this project is to contribute to the measurement and understanding of intangible assets, specifically of brands. The project has two main objectives: first, to collect data from Google Trends on the frequency with which brands and trade marks are cited there and to show how the data can be used reliably. Secondly, to study the value and use of brands and trade marks in the United Kingdom and Europe with the help of data from Google Trends.

To identify exogenous changes in brand value we have chosen to focus part of our work on the brand value of car manufacturers and car models in the UK and Germany. Recalls of these products allow us to identify significant negative shocks to brand value in this industry.

The workshop will comprise three main presentations: the first provides results on obtaining data from Google Trends and on linking and using the data; the second contains results on changes in brand value in the car industry as a result of product recalls; the third will present findings from our work on brand value of listed companies in Europe.

The aim of the workshop is to collect feedback on the work to date and to spread knowledge about what we have learned about using data from Google Trends.

Please contact should you plan to attend.


Due to the slightly increased interest  the workshop has been moved from Francis Bancroft Building, Board Room (Room FB 4:27A) to a more suitable venue at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies at 67-69 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3JB. 

Maps can be found here:  


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