30,000 minimum wages on the Third AMSE-Banque de France annual conference on Labor Markets

Next December 4th, Professor Pedro Martins will participate in the third AMSEBanque de France annual conference on Labour Markets. The conference is divided across three streams: Labor market institutions, migration and discrimination, and labour market and business cycles, aiming to:

  • Examine the importance and consequences of labor market institutions
  • Understand how migrations have affected the labor market during the Crisis and examine the role of discriminations
  • Discuss the role and relevance of labor market reforms during the Crisis
  • Analyze labor market dynamics

Professor Martins will participate on the first workshop on Labour market institutions, presenting his CGR working paper “30,000 minimum wages: The economic effects of collective agreement extensions”. The paper analyses the impact of extending collective bargaining agreements to entire sectors, through firm-level monthly data for Portugal were this type of extensions were widely used, finding that sector extensions depress wage bills by 2% due reduced hiring and increased firm closures, while informal work rises. You can access to the paper through this link.  

You can find more information on the AMSE-Banque de France annual conference on Labour Markets, on his webpage.

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