François Hollande’s Tartuffe Syndrome, new article on Project Syndicate by Prof Brigitte Granville

Professor Brigitte Granville, CGR director, has published a new article on Project Syndicate. In “François Hollande’s Tartuffe Syndrome”, jointly with Hans-Olaf Henkel MEP, analyses how the constraints generated by the Euro renders useless the pledges of the French President François Hollande.

In his classic comedy “Tartuffe, or The Impostor,” Molière shows that allowing pride, rather than reason, to dictate one’s actions invariably ends badly. French President François Hollande appears to have an advanced case of Tartuffe’s malady, repeatedly making political pledges that he cannot honor, partly because of factors beyond his control – namely, the European Monetary Union (EMU) – but mostly because he lacks the determination.

For France, the consequences of Hollande’s failures will be much more dramatic than his political downfall. Indeed, the country could be facing catastrophe, as Hollande’s actions risk miring the economy into sustained stagnation and driving an increasingly angry French public to elect the far-right National Front party’s Marine Le Pen as his successor…

Read more at Project Syndicate.

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