The Economic Consequences of Greece.

Professor Brigitte Granville, CGR director, has published a new article on Project Syndicate. “The Economic Consequences of Greece” – co-authored with Alberto Bagnai, Peter Oppenheimer and Antoni Soy – analyses how the Greek crises exposes the cracks in the Economic and Monetary Union.

“The first sentence of the 1957 Treaty of Rome – the founding document of what would eventually become the European Union – calls for “an ever-closer union among the peoples of Europe.” Recently, however, that ideal has come under threat, undermined by its own political elite, which adopted a common currency while entirely neglecting the underlying fault lines.

Today, those cracks have been exposed – and widened – by the seemingly never-ending Greek crisis. And nowhere are they more evident than in Greece’s relationship with the International Monetary Fund.”

You can continue reading it at Project Syndicate, or read here –at the Centre for Globalisation Research blog- an unabridged version of the article.

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