2nd Workshop on the Theory and Empirics of Inequality, Poverty and Mobility

This Friday 16th of October will take place the 2ndOne Day Workshop on the Theory and Empirics of Inequality, Poverty and Mobility”, coordinated by Dr. Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay, Senior Lecture of Economics at the School of Business and Management, Queen Mary University of London and CGR Deputy Director.  After its successful edition on 2014, the workshop continues as a space for discussion new research on the theory and empirics of inequality, poverty and mobility.

The Workshop will start at 09:30 at Dean Rees House, Charterhouse Square, Queen Mary, University of London. Will count with the participations of:
  • Juan Pablo Rud, Senior Lecturer in Economics, Department of Economics, Royal Holloway University of London, that will present his research on “Wage dispersion, job creation and development: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa”
  • Pramila Krishnan, Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Cambridge, will present “The natural resource curse revisited: Theory and evidence from India” with A.Dhillon, M. Patnam and C.Perroni.
  • Natalie Quinn, Career Development Fellow in Economics, Department of Economics and St John’s College, University of Oxford, will also present “Representation fo a Separable Symmetric Preorder, with Application to Welfare and Poverty Measurement”
  • Gaston Yalonetzky, Lecturer, Leeds University Business School,  University of Leeds, will present “Twin Peaks? Looking at the world’s per capita income distribution with the lens of relative bipolarisation”, with Jose  Martin Lima Velazquez.


You can keep updated about the workshop on its own site:
And also consult the papers presented on the 2014 Workshop:
For further questions address to Workshop organiser Dr. Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay, at



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