Professor Brigitte Granville quoted on The Telegraph

Prof Brigitte Granville, CGR director and Professor of International Economics and Economic Policy at Queen Mary University of London, has talked to the Telegraph’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard about France economic woes. 

In his article analysing the economic repercussions of the past Friday terrorist attacks on Paris, Evans-Pritchard highlights how President Hollande is trying to “retake control over its economies” by pledging a massive increase in security and defence regardless of EU deficit rules. Commenting the state of France’s economy he quotes Prof Granville: 

“Professor Brigitte Granville from Queen Mary University of London said the country has been losing competitiveness within Europe’s monetary union for so long – not helped by a labour code still 3,648 pages – that it is now caught in a stagnation trap with the wrong intra-EMU exchange rate. She warned that the country is on a slow slide towards economic “catastrophe”.

You can read the original Telegraph’s article here. 

You can also read the latest CGR Working Paper, co-authored by Prof Granville, which analyses France’s economic and institutional stasis. 


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