Prof Brigitte Granville participates in first Euroskeptic magazine asking: The IMF and the Eurozone, fireman or arsonist?

Prof Brigitte Granville– CGR Director and Professor of International Economics and Economic Policy at Queen Mary University of London- has participated in the Autumn 2014 edition of the “New Directions: The Foundation for European Reforms” Magazine. The Foundation for European Reform edits the publication. The organisation was established in 2010 under the patronage of Baroness Thatcher as a Brussels based free-market, euro-realist think tank.

Besides prof Granville, the Autumn edition of the magazine includes articles by Zidzislaw Kraspodebsky, Professor at the University of Bremen; Alberto Bagnai, associate professor of Economic Policy at Gabrielle D’Annunzio University; Joachim Starblaty MEP, Professor Emeritus at the University of Türbirgen and Chairman of the European Conservatives and Reformist Policy Group on the Eurozone; Antoni Soy, Professor of the University of Barcelona; or Roland Vaubel, professor of Economics at the University of Manheim, among others. The publication covers multiple dimensions of the process of monetary integration such as the view of the Euro from the UK, the cost of internal devaluation in Spain or the relationship between the Euro and EU’s democratic deficit.
Professor Granville article questions the role of the IMF on the Eurozone crisis, aptly titled “The IMF and the Eurozone, fireman or arsonist?” Prof Granville criticizes the IMF for his involvement with Greece, arguing that it “meant turning a blind eye to several of the basic principles and rules governing the Fund’s operations” and that has resulted in “a severe blow to the legitimacy and credibility of the IMF that may prove irreparable”
The publication has been highlighted by POLITICO.EU, the highly influential European Spin-off of the renowned political magazine POLITICO, in an article that qualified the promoters of the publication as “the most influent conservatives in the EU”. It has also been included in Ryan Heath’s Brussels Playbook, POLITICO EU well distributed newsletter, emphasizing the publication as the “world’s fist international euro critical” by “leading economists and public intellectuals from a wide range of economic and political schools of thought”.
You can download the magazine here:
You can also read POLITICO.EU article about it:
And read the previous articles of Prof Granville on the Euro-zone and IMF:


Or his recent CGR working papers on the Euro-zone:

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