“Resolving the Euro drama: Core countries need exchange rate realignment” New article of Prof Brigitte Granville.

The last 12th and 13thof April the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF) hold their Pre-IMF Spring Meetings Roundtable that counted with the intervention of Prof Brigitte Granville, CGR Director. She has summarized the key points of her intervention in a piece recently published in OMFIF’s bulletin.

 The OMFIF, founded in January 2010, is an independent platform for dialogue and research on world finance that serves as a non-lobbying network for promote public and private sector interaction across law and economics, with the aim of fostering exchange of information and best practices. “The Bulletin” is OMFIF’s monthly publication, featuring in-depth news and expert commentary on the financial industry and capital markets.
In her article, Prof Granville argues that core countries need exchange rate realignment in order to climb out of a Euro-induced low growth trap. She puts forward a compelling case that monetary integration has entrenched competitiveness divergences. Below you can read the full article:
You can also read it on OMFIF’s webpage through the following link.


If you are interested in more commentary of Prof Brigitte Granville on the Eurozone we recommend you the previous CGR’s posts:

Also more detailed analysis can be found on Prof Granville CGR Working Papers:
·     Elites, Thickets and Institutions: French Resistance versus German Adaptation to Economic Change, 1945-2015
by Brigitte Granville & Jaume Martorell Cruz & Martha Prevezer

Eurozone cycles: an analysis of phase synchronization
by Brigitte Granville & Sana Hussain

Conflicting incentives for the public to support the EMU
by Brigitte Granville & Dominik Nagly


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