"Clicking towards Mozambique’s new jobs" Prof Pedro Martins new article

Prof Pedro Martins, Co-Director of the CGR and Professor of Applied Economics at Queen Mary University of London, has recently published a new article on the International Growth Centre’s Blog: “Clicking towards Mozambique’s new jobs”.

The International Growth Centre is a global network of researchers that aims to promote sustainable growth in developing countries. In his article, Prof Martins highlights the potential that the new Employment Portal emprego.co.mz has to improve job-matching in Mozambique. The article is published on the context of Prof Martins IGC scoping project: “Developing vocational training in the Mozambique Labour Market” that investigates the potential of vocational training to increase Mozambique’s human capital. As Prof Martins stresses one of the main challenges faced by developing economies to promote inclusive growth is to ensure widespread dissemination of job market information:

“A new online job portal in Mozambique may have the potential to improve job-matching through improved access to information between jobs and job-seekers.
Inclusive growth in developing countries can hardly be achieved without a widespread dissemination of labour market information. Fortunately, growing penetration of the internet can circumvent existing limitations in information systems and facilitate a more effective matching of people, jobs and skills

In my recent talk at the IGC workshop on private sector development in Mozambique, I presented the preliminary findings of my study on this topic. The study, “Clicking towards Mozambique’s new jobs”, analyses micro data from the emprego.co.mz jobs portal, developed by UX, a leading technology firm…”

You can continue reading Prof Martins’ article in the IGC blog:


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