Brown Bag Seminar | Social protection and child poverty risk: does persistence matter?

Next Wednesday 16th of May, Dr Elena Bárcena Martín will be presenting her research. Dr  Elena Bárcena Martín works at the University of Malaga as an Associate Professor of Statistic and Econometrics. She has been research visitor at Columbia University and LSE where she studied the Master of Science in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics.


The aim of this paper is to analyse to what extent the previous status of children in poverty affects current child poverty, even when we control for observed and unobserved individual heterogeneity and treat the initial condition problem. On the basis of Wooldridge’s (2005) methodology, we estimate a dynamic random effects probit model considering three levels due to the hierarchical structure of our data: observations for each year (level 1) of the children (level 2) nested into countries (level 3). We corroborate the relevance of lagged status in poverty and assess the role of context variables in explaining differences across countries in child poverty dynamics. In particular, we highlight the significance of family benefits in reducing child poverty and assess which features of these benefits are more effective to reduce child poverty. This way, some key insights are provided to design more effective public policies to alleviate child poverty.


Selected Publications

  • Bárcena Martín, E.; Blanco-Arana, C.; Pérez Moreno, S. (forthcoming) “Social transfers and child poverty in European countries: pro-poor targeting or pro-child targeting?” Journal of Social Policy DOI:10.1017/S0047279418000090
  • Arestis, P.; Bárcena Martín, E.; Blanco-Arana, C.; Pérez Moreno, S. (forthcoming) “Differences in institutional quality across Euro area countries: which factors contribute most to inequality?” Panoeconomicus
  • Bárcena Martín, E., Ayala Cañon, L. (forthcoming) “A social welfare approach for measuring welfare protection” Journal of Economic Inequality. DOI 10.1007/s10888-017-9361-y
  • Bárcena Martín, E., Silber, J. (forthcoming) “On the decomposition of the Foster and Wolfson bi-polarization index by income sources.” Review of Income and Wealth, DOI: 10.1111/roiw.12319
  • Bárcena Martín, E., Blázquez Cuesta, M.; Budría, S.; Moro Egido, A.I. (forthcoming) “Child deprivation and social benefits: Europe in cross-national perspective” Socio-Economic Review DOI: 1093/ser/mwx019
  • Bárcena Martín, E.; y Pérez Moreno, S. (2017) “Immigrant-native gap in poverty: a cross-national European perspective” Review of Economics of the Household, 15: 1105-1136
  • Pérez Moreno, S., Blanco-Arana, C. y Bárcena Martín, E. (2016) “Economic cycles and child mortality: a cross‐national study of the least developed countries” Economics and Human Biology, 22, 14-23
  • Bárcena Martín, E.; Moro Egido, A.I. y Pérez Moreno, S. (2015) “How income growth differs with children in Spain: A comparative European perspective” Child Indicators Research, , 9(2), 357-370

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