Are Major Central Banks Doing Enough to Fight Inflation?

By Brigitte Granville* – Project Syndicate


The Big Question is a new feature in which Project Syndicate commentators provide compelling answers to a timely question.

Rising price pressures have reemerged as a central concern for policymakers in many advanced economies. But with US and eurozone inflation accelerating to 8.5% and 7.5%, respectively, in March – the highest levels in decades – many are worried that central banks are not tackling the problem aggressively enough.

In this Big Question, we ask Hippolyte FofackJames K. GalbraithBrigitte Granville, and Stephen S. Roach to assess monetary policymakers’……….

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*Brigitte Granville is Professor of International Economics and Economic Policy at the School of Business and Management, Queen Mary, University of London, and the author of What Ails France

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