Brown-Bag Seminars

Upcoming Events

22 Mar 2023|Labour Share of Income in Chinese Listed Firms’ by Zehua Jiang (QMUL)

Time and Venue: 3-4 PM at FB 2.41 QMUL

19 Apr 2023| by Dr Guven Demirel (QMUL)

Time and Venue: 3-4 PM at FB 3.26 QMUL

12 Apr 2023| ‘Firms’ level impact of climate policy uncertainty’ by Dr Po Yin Wong (QMUL)

Time and Venue: 3-4 PM at FB 2.41 QMUL



  • Dr. Natalia Efremova  (Queen Mary University of London, SBM and CGR) “Leveraging AI and Earth Observation Data for Sustainable Agriculture and Rangeland Monitoring”. October 2021.


  • Guven Demirel (SBM) “Early warning signals in demand transitions”. December 2020.
  • Danula Gamage (SBM) “Pay transparency initiative and gender pay gap: Evidence from research-intensive universities in the UK”. December 2020.




  • Dr. Ravshonbek Otojanov (SBM QMUL, CGR). ‘The Scientific Revolution, Energy Revolution and Industrial Revolution’. November 2017.
  • Dr. Georgios Kavetsos (SBM QMUL, CGR). ‘The host with the most. The effects of the Olympic Games on happiness’. October 2017.
  • Dr. Pedro Martins (SBM QMUL, CGR). ‘(How) Do Non-Cognitive Skills Programs Improve Adolescent School Achievement? Experimental Evidence’. May 2017.