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Apr 2022| ‘The Agricultural Roots of Female Entrepreneurship’

Professor Chunchao Wang, Chunchao Wang, Zhecong Zheng, Dawei Feng, Nick Webber, Jie Zheng (Jinan University)

Apr 2022| ‘Shaping the future of agri-environment schemes in England: End-to-end modelling for real world impact’

Conrad James Foley (DEFRA)

Mar 2022| ‘Gender and the Time Cost of Peer Review’

Dr Erin Hengel (University College London)

Feb 2022| ‘Copenhagen, Glasgow, Paris and beyond: do public policies affect firms’ sustainability strategies?’

Dr Adam Chalmers and Dr Robyn Klingler-Vidra (King’s College London)

2021 | ‘Bargaining Power and Inheritance Norms: Evidence from Polygamous Households in Nigeria’

Dr. Alessia Isopi  (University of Manchester)

2021 | ‘Cross-border environmental regulation and firm labor demand’

Dr. Chirantan Chatterjee (University of Sussex)

2021 | ‘Have the driving forces of inflation changed in advanced and emerging market economies?’

Dr. Madhusudan Mohanty (Bank for International Settlements)

2021 | ‘A Firm Scientific Community: Industry Participation and Knowledge Diffusion’

Dr. Stefano Baruffaldi (University of Bath)

2020 | ‘Risks on global financial stability induced by climate change: the case of flood risks’

Professor Antoine Mandel (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)

2020 | ‘Higher Education Expansion, the Hukou System, and Returns to Education in China’

Professor Yu Zhu (Dundee University)

2020 | ‘The economic history of the rise of Trumpism’

Seminar by: Professor John Komlos (Emeritus Professor of Economic History at University of Munich)

2020 | ‘Ballot or Bullet: The Impact of UK’s Representation of the People Act on Peace and Prosperity’

Professor Dominic Rohner (University of Lausanne)