CGR Seminars

Upcoming Events

31 May 2023| ‘The Signalling Effect of Fiscal Announcements’ by Professor Francesco Zanetti (University of Oxford)

Time and Venue: 2-3 PM at FB 3.20 QMUL

7 Jun 2023|Believe me when I say green! Heterogeneous expectations and climate policy uncertaintyby Professor Emanuele Campiglio (University of Bologna)

Time and Venue: 3-4 PM, FB 3.26 QMUL

21 June 2023| ‘Re-evaluating the urban wage premium: the changing roles of geographical and job transitions for women and men’ by Dr Sabine D’Costa (University of Westminster)

Time and Venue: 2-3 PM at FB 1.15 QMUL

Past CGR Seminars

Apr 2023|Quantifying supply-side climate policies

Dr Lassi Ahlvik (University of Helsinki)

Mar 2023| ‘Learning and information diffusion in decentralized markets’

Professor Giulia Iori (City University of London)

Mar 2023| ‘Clean Identification? The Effects of the Clean Air Act on Air Pollution, Exposure Disparities and House Prices’

Professor Lutz Sager and Gregor Singer (LSE)

Feb 2023| ‘Who’s Afraid of the Zero Lower Bound? Experimental Evidence on Expectation Formation and Monetary Policy Literacy’

Professor Joep Lustenhouwer (Heidelberg University)

Jan 2023| ‘The international political economy of a low carbon transition’

Professor Giorgio Ricchiuti (University of Florence)

Nov 2022| ‘Demand or supply? An empirical exploration of the effects of climate change on the macroeconomy’

Fulvia Marotta and M. Ciccarelli (Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford)

Oct 2022| ‘Studying Water Conflicts in Mexico: A Mixed Methods Approach’

Raul Pacheco-Vega (Methods Lab, FLACSO and visiting professor SBM)

Oct 2022| ‘The Gender Gap in Student Performance: The Role of Stakes’

Professor Almudena Sevilla (London School of Economics). This is part of the CGR Diversity in Economics Seminars.

May 2022| ‘Complementary Inputs and Industrial Development: Can Lower Electricity Prices Improve Energy Efficiency?’

Gregor Singer (Grantham Research Institute, London School of Economics)

Apr 2022| ‘The Agricultural Roots of Female Entrepreneurship’

Professor Chunchao Wang, Chunchao Wang, Zhecong Zheng, Dawei Feng, Nick Webber, Jie Zheng (Jinan University)

Apr 2022| ‘Shaping the future of agri-environment schemes in England: End-to-end modelling for real world impact’

Conrad James Foley (DEFRA)

Mar 2022| ‘Gender and the Time Cost of Peer Review’

Dr Erin Hengel (University College London). This is part of the CGR Diversity in Economics Seminars.

Feb 2022| ‘Copenhagen, Glasgow, Paris and beyond: do public policies affect firms’ sustainability strategies?’

Dr Adam Chalmers and Dr Robyn Klingler-Vidra (King’s College London)

2021 | ‘Bargaining Power and Inheritance Norms: Evidence from Polygamous Households in Nigeria’

Dr. Alessia Isopi  (University of Manchester)

2021 | ‘Cross-border environmental regulation and firm labor demand’

Dr. Chirantan Chatterjee (University of Sussex)

2021 | ‘Have the driving forces of inflation changed in advanced and emerging market economies?’

Dr. Madhusudan Mohanty (Bank for International Settlements)

2021 | ‘A Firm Scientific Community: Industry Participation and Knowledge Diffusion’

Dr. Stefano Baruffaldi (University of Bath)

2020 | ‘Risks on global financial stability induced by climate change: the case of flood risks’

Professor Antoine Mandel (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)

2020 | ‘Higher Education Expansion, the Hukou System, and Returns to Education in China’

Professor Yu Zhu (Dundee University)

2020 | ‘The economic history of the rise of Trumpism’

Seminar by: Professor John Komlos (Emeritus Professor of Economic History at University of Munich)

2020 | ‘Ballot or Bullet: The Impact of UK’s Representation of the People Act on Peace and Prosperity’

Professor Dominic Rohner (University of Lausanne)

2019 | Why is the urban wage premium larger for women?

Dr. Sabine D’Costa (University of Westminster)

2019 | ‘Economic integration, industrial structure, and catch-up growth: Firm-level evidence from Poland’s accession to the EU’

Dr. Stefania Lovo, Paulo Bastos, Gonzalo Varela and Jan Hagemejer (University of Reading)

2019 | ‘Education, working experience and cognitive skills: evidence from PIAAC’

Dr. Marta Martinez Matute, Juan Jimeno, Aitor Lacuesta and Ernesto Villanueva (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, UCL)

2019 | ‘Mapping the Technological Frontier’

Dr. Sergio Petralia (LSE and CID, Harvard)

2019 | ‘Linking Permit Markets Multilaterally’

Dr. Luca Taschini (LSE)

2019 | ‘Morphogenesis a la Schelling’

Professor Ali Rana Atilgan (Sabanci University, Turkey)

2018 | ‘The Effect of Patent Litigation Insurance: Theory and Evidence from NPEs’

Bernhard Ganglmair, Christian Helmers and Brian Love (University of Mannheim and ZEW)

2018 | ‘Brain-circulation network: The global mobility of the life scientists’

Luca Verginer (IMT Lucca)

2018 | ‘Social Capital, Government Expenditures and Growth’

Dr. Ugo Troiano, Giacomo Ponzetto (University of Michigan and NBER)

2018 | ‘The Historical Roots of Female Genital Cutting’

Dr. Lucia Corno, E. La Ferrara, N. Nunn and A. Voena (Catholic University of Milan)

2018 | ‘Social protection and child poverty risk: does persistence matter?’

Dr Elena Bárcena Martín (University of Málaga)

2018 | ‘Children, Earnings and Careers in an Internal Labor Market’

Prof. Claudio Lucifora (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart Milan)

2018 | ‘The role of performance incentives in need-based grants for higher education. Evidence from the Spanish Becas’

José Montalbán Castilla (Paris, LSE)